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ACRS treatment | autologous cytokine – rich serum

The La Source Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine office offers an innovative ACRS treatment (autologous cytokine-rich serum), which uses an autologous cytokine-rich serum taken from the patient’s blood. This unique serum contains 15 times more growth factors and 15 to 25 times more anti-inflammatory interleukins compared to standard platelet rich plasma, making it the most valuable blood concentrate available on the market today. The ACRS treatment is the best autologous tissue stimulator available to patients. Importantly, it does not contain any additional substances, thanks to which it is completely safe and does not cause any side effects.


Why are growth factors and anti-inflammatory interleukins so abundant in the ACRS serum? They are naturally produced during inflammation to help regenerate damaged tissue and inhibit chronic inflammation that is not beneficial to tissue health. ACRS technology generates controlled inflammation in the laboratory through contact with patented irritating glass beads. Thanks to this, we can get the “essence” of inflammation without any side effects.

cytokinowe serum z-krwi acrs osocze bogatoplytkowe fibryna bogatoplytkowa autologiczny-wypelniacza ACRS vs PSP -

In practice, this means that we can use ready-made growth factors to regenerate the skin, while blocking chronic inflammation, which brings spectacular results in skin reconstruction. The La Source Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine office, specializing in the ACRS treatment, offers an innovative approach to skin regeneration based on an autologous rich serum in growth factors and anti-inflammatory interleukins. It is a safe and effective method that helps to rebuild the skin and restore its healthy appearance.


cytokinowe serum z-krwi acrs osocze bogatoplytkowe fibryna bogatoplytkowa autologiczny-wypelniacza ACRS vs PSP - ACRS - grafika produktu - wer 2


The therapy involves taking blood from the patient – approx. 10 ml. Then the collected blood is mixed in a special test tube with sharp glass beads for a minute, causing inflammation, and placed in an incubator.
The blood is incubated under special conditions for 3 hours to increase the concentration of IL-1Ra and growth factors, and then the prepared and centrifuged concentrate is injected into treated, inflamed or damaged tissues for regeneration.

Under the influence of blood contact with specially prepared glass beads, there is a rapid increase in the synthesis of the IL-1 receptor antagonist (IL-1Ra), IL-4, IL-10 (anti-inflammatory cytokines) and growth factors (EGF, IGF, TGF-β, PDGF, FGF). The results are amazing, their number increases several times.


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The unusual action of the IL-1RA protein consists in blocking the receptors of the pro-inflammatory cytokine, whichit is responsible for inducing the inflammatory process, causing a pain reaction and degradationtissues. ACRS neutralizes the cytokine IL-1, inhibiting the inflammatory process and pain, and the growth factors contained inconcentrate cause tissue regeneration and healing.  

ACRS technology

It stimulates blood cells to release cytokines outside the patient’s body, in an environment of acute inflammation. This means that their amount significantly increases in the obtained serum compared to other therapies. Cytokines that have been previously released may develop their full effect immediately after injection.

Released cytokines are mainly growth factors and interleukins that play a very important role in Regenerative Cell Therapy Nothing is added to the finished serum making it 100% autologous Supports the body’s own regenerative capabilities It is very well tolerated and is safe We can’t overdose, no side effects Easy to use and quick and visible effects Improves the quality of treatment and other procedures

recommendations before and after treatment

  • you can not drink alcohol on the day before blood sampling
  • on the day of blood collection, you should avoid: nicotine, coffee, black tea and fatty foods
  • before taking a blood sample, eat something light – do not come on an empty stomach
  • drink 2-3 liters of fluids a day for 2-3 days before collection – the more the patient drinks, the more serum can be obtained
  • you have a fever or a severe infection
  • diarrhea occurred
  • the patient has been vaccinated in the last 4 weeks
  • avoid strenuous exercise,
  • avoid hot and steamy places (e.g. sauna, swimming pool)

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